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ClareBe – Harpist

The harpist in Clare was discovered one day at the age of 6 when she got lost on a tour of a historic house. She was eventually found staring up at a glittering, gold harp. This curiosity continued to be fuelled by her fascination with classic movies and artists like Harpo Marx, who incorporated their instruments into a physically entertaining story as well as an auditory one.

At 11 years old, Clare got the opportunity to start taking regular harp lessons a few towns away and ultimately gained a level 7 (out of 8) in harp from The Associated Board of the Royal School of Music. In 2008, Clare moved to the United States to study at Azusa Pacific University, participating as a harpist in many of their musical groups, including the Symphony Orchestra, Harp Ensemble, Choir and Orchestra, and as guest harpist for the Wind Ensemble and Symphonic Band. She graduated with a BA in Theatre Arts and a BA in Music- Harp Performance, cum laude in 2013.

Being classically trained, Clare can carry any special event or wedding to completion with the lulling sounds of a time-honored style. She also enjoys playing with modern sounds and different cultural rhythms which can give an explorative and fresh energy to your party or provide an entertaining recital to learn more about the harp. Artistically, she loves exploring different performance aspects of the harp in new ways, including even as a harp playing mermaid for your pool party!


Brannon S.
Clare is lovely! She played the harp at our backyard wedding. She was easy to work with, let us know what she needed well in advance, and showed up early to get set up. She gave us several options for styles of music she could play while people were getting settled in for the ceremony and also played a piece I requested (The Flower Duet) for my walk down the aisle. She brought a great dynamic to the event!
Emily W.
The three things that are most important to a wedding, that can make or break it, are the catering, the venue, and the music. After the wedding, I cannot tell you how many people approached us to talk about how lovely it was to have Care Be playing her harp. It was the perfect touch. Not only did Clare have a repertoire of her own, she contacted us months beforehand to get an idea of what songs we like and get any special song requests so she could learn them in advance. Working with her was a lovely experience.
Chelsie and David S.
Clare is an amazingly talented, professional, and easy to work with musician. She performed beautifully and was the perfect, elegant touch that our wedding needed. We would recommend Clare for any and every event!
Clare Be Music, San Diego Artist, Harpist, Actress


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